Bridging the Gap: DevRel at Circle

Bridging the Gap: DevRel at Circle

Jun 8, 2023·

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One of our team members recently had the chance to interview members of Circle's Developer Relations (Dev Rel) team for the EMEA region, including the Vice President. The conversation clarified Circle's choice to group Dev Rel with marketing and emphasised certain important lessons. The purpose of this article is to examine the justification for this choice as well as the importance of marketing experts working together with designers and developers to encourage a more imaginative approach to technical communication.

Why is Dev Rel positioned under Marketing by Circle?

Translating difficult technical ideas into intelligible language for both engineers and non-technical people is one of the primary duties of a developer relations team. Circle strives to develop a better narrative that appeals to a wider audience by incorporating marketing experts and designers in the process. The team can effectively communicate the value and promise of their technology by using straightforward language and terms that designers and marketing specialists can understand.

Narrative: Building Trust in Decentralization

Especially in the context of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, trust is crucial for the adoption of new technology. Circle is aware of how crucial narrative is to building user trust. For instance, the decentralisation-centred narrative that Ethereum and Bitcoin have created has helped them gain a lot of credibility. By incorporating marketing knowledge with Dev Rel, Circle attempts to create tales that foster confidence in their products and foster a sense of trust.

Web2 and Web3: Tailoring Strategies for Different Audiences

The distinction between Web2 and Web3 developers necessitates the development of distinct strategies to effectively engage with each group. Web2 developers predominantly focus on working with APIs, often dealing with legacy systems and prioritizing security. On the other hand, Web3 developers are more inclined towards software development kits (SDKs) and direct implementation or forking. Consequently, the language and approaches employed by Dev Rel in these two domains will differ significantly.

The Three C's and Role Clarification

Teams working in developer relations frequently follow the three Cs principles: content, community, and code. The Dev Rel team at Circle uses a similar design but divides up the tasks into multiple teams to speed up the process. The team responsible for community engagement focuses on encouraging interaction and establishing connections with the developer community. The Developer Relations team focuses on offering developers technical help, tools, and direction. Last but not least, the Solution Architect team focuses on designing solutions that are specific to developer requirements. Collaboration among the teams guarantees a cohesive approach to supporting developers throughout their journey, despite the fact that each team has a separate focus.


Circle's choice to group developer relations under marketing is a strategic recognition of the value of clear communication, storylines that foster trust, and strategies that are specific to the needs of various developer communities. The Dev Rel team can bridge the gap between complicated technology and a wider audience by working with marketing specialists and designers. This will allow them to develop engaging narratives and build credibility in the decentralised environment. The focus on the three Cs—content, community, and code—along with a clear definition of roles, guarantees that Circle's Dev Rel team is well-prepared to offer thorough assistance and direction to developers.

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