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What is Open Source?

According to Wikipedia, “Open source is source code that is made freely available for possible modification and redistribution.” People can modify and add new features in Open-source software. Some of the Open source projects are Mozilla Firefox, Libre Office, Eclipse, OpenCV, Wikimedia, WordPress

Why contribute to Open Source?

On a personal level, there are many benefits like

  1. Improves your skills
  2. Good portfolio
  3. Spirit of Volunteerism
  4. Improving software which is used by many peoples.
  5. Building connections

Which Platform to use?

Platforms, where one can get source code and can discuss and work on projects with other contributors, are:

  1. GitHub
  2. Slack
  3. Gitter
  4. Discord
  5. GitLab

How to choose a Project to contribute?

One should take care of some things before starting contributing to any project.

  1. The project should be active.
  2. Is it easy to contact project maintainers, and Are they responsive?
  3. The project should be well documented.
  4. The project should have a license.
  5. Contribution guidelines.

What can one contribute with?

You can find an issue or post a new issue if you find something not listed.

  1. You can design UI/UX for projects.
  2. You can write documentation for the project
  3. You can fix bugs or add new features.
  4. You can test and report issues.
  5. You can work as a mentor for a project.

Where to start with open source contribution?

Many programs help beginners to start open-source contributions. Like Hacktoberfest, Google Summer of Code, GirlScript Summer of Code, GirlScript Winter of Contributing, Kharagpur Winter of Code, Outreachy, and many more.

You can also check the Introductory Seminar on Open Source organized by me under GirlScript Summer of Code’ 22.

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